Friday, January 1, 2010

Wireless Credit Card Terminals and Leases: Be Careful!

Many people just jump into a lease with a wireless credit card terminal without thinking about the consequences. Perhaps their business goes up in smoke or they feel that the equipment no longer serves it's purpose. Any way they cut it they are locked into a lease ( typically 48 months) and they  may be paying anywhere from $60-$100 a month for something they are not even using.  Leases are a big source of income for credit card processors and you trypically end up paying 10-30 times what the equipment is actually worth. Our company offers the lowest prices on wireless credit card terminals so that if you really need one  you can purchase it and then you own the equipment. If you need a wireless credit card terminal and settle for a cheap model you get what you pay for. The king of wireless credit would be a nurit 8020 (shown here) which has superb wireless connectivity and a built in printer.

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