Monday, January 4, 2010

Merchant Accounts & Search Engine Optimization

A Merchant Account is a very important aspect of your business as is having a website and good search engine optimization. The common denominator among these ideas: they help expand your business. accepting credit card for your business will help it several ways:
  1. People are not limited to the amount of money they have on hand
  2. It allows them them to pay for your product or service over time
  3. They are more likely to by more since they don't have these restrictions
  4. If you advertise the fact that you accept credit cards you will most likely get more interest
In today's economy more than ever people are relying more on credit even for small purchases. Why else would 7-11 accept credit cards for everything from milk to chewing gum?

Getting back to your website and SEO: these are other ways for people to find you. The first thing is you need to build a website and as I mentioned that is a very inexpensive venture to start. Now once you have a website you want people to find it. Of course you can always start an online ad campaign like google word ads and use various keywords to get traffic. There are free ways to drive traffic as well. If you are just starting out it's very difficult to get listed in the top 10 on major search engines because you are most likely fighting many other sites nationwide for those very same spots. The easier more cost effective methos is working on local seo. After you have submitted your website to all the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. you need to check out local business litings on sites like Google and Yahoo. These websites can give you great exposure and it's free. You also want to list your website on all the online yellow pages such as, and others.The next step is to have your website listed on all the major local listing websites like Yelp, Best of the Web, Kudzu and others. Stay tuned for more ideas....

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