Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hotels and Credit Card Processing: Saving Money

Hotel News had an interesting article about saving money on your merchant account. Hotels certainly process a lot of credit cards and in different ways that can effect the rates their charged.The author, Joel Ross wants to point out that more important than the actual rate itself is being aware of downgrades and reclassification of cards which is very prevalent in the hotel industry. As he explains:

It is not what you think you are being charged it is what you are really being charged that matters. The real costs often are intentionally difficult to decipher when the monthly statement arrives. Transactions get downgraded or reclassified for a wide variety of reasons, and unless you are a real expert at analyzing the statements, you will not see it.

These are just some of the reasons to stay away from contract as companies can pull all sorts of dirty tricks and by the time you figure out what way is up you are stuck paying heavy fines. Hotels unfortunately are  sometimes limited to the processors they can use especially if they are using propitiatory software.

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