Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Accepting Credit Card VS Cash Only

Many merchant who have always been a "cash" business worry about switching over to credit card processing.One of their main concerns and rightfully so is the cost. There are of course ways to keep those costs down but there is a cost nonetheless. I read an interesting article by Jim Prevor where he discusses Cash or Credit? Which is more expensive? He points out:: The whole issue of complaining about the cost of credit card fees is really an example of how hard it is to change our perspectives in business.Because the use of cash came first, we tend to view the cost of handling credit as an additional cost. But credit and, more broadly, electronic payment devices such as debit cards and key fobs are clearly destined to be the payment devices of the future. For a consumer, they facilitate easy record-keeping, avoid the risks of carrying cash, etc. He goes on to explain that handling cash has a cost for merchant's too.

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