Thursday, April 15, 2010

Appointment Setters Scamming Merchants

There are companies who are employed by corporations such as credit card processors to solicit retailers and set appointments for their sales reps.. The concept certainly makes sense and I guess if done correctly could be quite profitable. Perhaps as more merchants are getting these sometimes very obnoxious calls and tiring of them the call centers have to come up with a new ruse to hook them in for the appointment. One of these gimmicks is they use buzzwords like PCI Compliance (which most merchants are these days). They will try to convince you to make the appointment only to send in some dimwitted sales person to strong arm you into making the deal.
The call center gets a commission for every  appointment they set and this process allows them to increase their bottom line. Usually they fail to mention hidden fees surcharges and the fact that they lock you into a contract or getting you to lease equipment and pay 20 times what the machine is even worth.

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