Friday, June 8, 2012

VeriFone Copying Square's User Agreement?

It's really pathetic when an established company like VeriFone attempts to steal it's user agreement almost word-for-word from it's competitor. When VeriFone was notified of this copyright infringement they took quick action to modify it and shaved down their user agreement quite a bit. As per Gigaom:

“When we said that Square made it easy to swipe, we meant credit cards,” said Square spokesperson Aaron Zamost. Sean Kane, a member of law firm Pillsbury’s social media, entertainment and technology team, said a company caught copying another firm’s legal user agreements or terms of service could be sued for copyright infringement. But that is rarely pursued when it comes to terms of service and user agreements. It is still an issue, said Kane, because companies who copy a user agreement or TOS could be accused of fraud if their service actually differs from the user document. That could be a problem now for VeriFone, which now has a slimmed-down user agreement that doesn't address many key points about the service.

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